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We provide accessible and affordable tutoring services for: Standard School Courses, ACT Prep, PreSCHOLAR students, High-Level STEM Classes, and more!

Tutoring Services

Standard School Course Tutoring

per hour session

Grades K-12

High-Achieving tutors work with students to focus on a variety of subjects, from Math and Science to ELA!

ACT/SAT Prep Tutoring Program

per hour session

Grades 7-12

This intensive study program includes hands-on instruction, free practice tests and tools, and diagnostic testing.

PreSCHOLAR Tutoring Program

per hour session

Ages 3-5

Get Ready for Kindergarten and Develop Foundational Skills with Experienced, Specially Trained Tutors!

High Level Math & College Sciences

per hour session

Grades 11+

College and Pre-College level math is tough. we have tutors that specialize in the complex concepts!

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See What Our Clients Have to Say:

“The best thing about Mrs. Alexa is her desire and dedication to help her students learn and grow at all levels. Our overall experience with Alexa will be a memory that will never be forgotten.”
-Stephanie B.

Alexa W.

General Academic & SAT/ACT Tutor

“Zach helped my son so much! We really appreciated the help and flexibility! We really enjoyed working with you. I can’t recommend Nerd Tutors enough!”
-Mary H.

Zachary W.

computer science tutor

“I really enjoy Kami! She is helping my daughter understand her math and even get ahead! I just love Nerd Tutors!”
-Shelly S.

Kami W.

elementary math and reading skills tutor

“Allison is amazing! You provide a wonderful service! Keep up the great work!”
-Kelly S.

Allison S.

Operations Manager & Middle School MAth and Science Tutor